Wednesday, March 30, 2011


President Obama’s actions in Libya seem unorganized and almost unplanned.  It is great to want to help Libya, and I think it is very necessary. However, it is also important to have priorities, a clear budget, goals and a defined endpoint and victory. Regardless what some people might say, we have entered a full-blown war with no true plan. Are we going to remove the leader of Lybia? Are we supporting the rebels with training and weapons? Are we going to be the rebels air force? 
Lawmakers should not be complaining that President Obama has not been consulting them before taking action, he did inform them like many other presidents have done in the past. The Senator that was calling for the President's impeachment, I think, is just doing it for publicity. Another serious problem is that estimates have been made stating the U.S. is spending 100 million dollars a day on efforts in Libya, even though we have no idea as to when our mission will officially end. How does Obama plan on paying for this? Most likely by increasing taxes Americans, like other tax and spend Democrats. 100 million dollars, however, is not a lot of money by government standards. It would just be good to have a clear object so that American's can know exactly the goal that the money is being spent to achieve. 
We do know the Obama administration would like to play a supporting role in helping the people of Libya rather than a leading one.  However, with no plans on how to conclude our involvement, the prospect of having Obama’s mission completed soon seems out of reach, no matter what the goals of that mission might be.

Kelly Ryan