Monday, February 21, 2011

Mubarak and his Money

Even though former President Hosni Mubarak was not Egypt’s best leader, he and his family do not deserve to have their local and international assets frozen.  After all, Mubarak did work to keep the Suez Canal open for trade and he also signed a treaty with Israel that helped promote world stability.  Every person in the world, regardless of social status, should have the right to do whatever they choose with their personal belongings.  They should have access to these belongings at all times, and should have the right to make their own decisions as to what they can do with their assets.  I also understand there is a great deal of controversy as to how Mubarak actually obtained so much money, but until he and his family are found guilty he should not be forced to give any of that money back to Egypt.  
I believe that Mubarak’s accounts and assets should be unfrozen, and that other government officials should make wise and hasty decisions to help solve problems in Egypt.  I understand this is much easier said than done, but I am sure many people would appreciate some structure and guidance in that nation in these trying times.  Those people who are responsible for violence, especially against peaceful demonstrators and journalists, should be brought to justice instead of trying to focus on phony politics, like what Mubarak does with his money.  

Kelly Ryan

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Bridgewater College Republicans said...

Regards to the latest blog...
In all honesty, Mubareks assets( majority of them), are rightfully owed to the people of Egypt. His net worth is estimated between 40 and 70 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!!........ The US Govt. gives roughly $1,000,000,000( billion) to Egypt every year, just to go into Mubareks swiss bank accounts. Thats the first issue. Issue number 2 is locking up all that money tha should rightfully be flowing through Egypt's economy. With him being potentially the world's wealthiest man, 70 billion dollars could do Egypt a great amount of good when it is applied to their citizens and improving the Egyptian way of life by having a strong economy, democracy, and potentially becoming a beacon of strength in the Middle East..... holla

Jason Turner